Letters to the Editor

Shaw letter: Liberals and Democrats

The liberals and Democrats are gleefully cheering all the ignorant and uninformed people jumping on the “ban guns” bandwagon. They can’t ban the right to bear arms outright, but they can whip the citizens into a frenzied demand for it. You think the government will stop at just one type of gun? Not. What can happen to a defenseless society? Read about Germany and Hitler’s rise to power. Wait, that takes individual and independent thinking — too much work. Who’s to blame for the recent shootings? Our next-to-nothing mental health programs for one. But that’s a complex problem, easier to just ban guns. We’re reminded not to blame all Muslims for the actions of a few. Don’t blame all gun owners for the actions of a few. But that’s not accepted by the liberals and Democrats. Hypocrisy at best. Who’s bright idea was “gun free zones”? Call them what they really are: Sitting Duck Zones. Unstable people march in and kill freely because they know their victims can’t defend themselves. Ban Sitting Duck Zones. But that won’t serve the liberals’, Democrats’ and socialists’ goals. A famous Communist leader once said, “America will be destroyed from within.” It’s happening people, wake up.

Leah Shaw, Boise