Letters to the Editor

Roberts letter: Workers Memorial Day

Since passing workplace laws more than four decades ago, the United States has made great strides in making workplaces safer and healthier. Because working people and our unions organized, fought and demanded action, fewer men and women are being killed and injured on the job.

However, that hard-won progress is now at risk, as the Trump administration continues to roll back and delay protections from serious safety hazards, toxic chemicals and workplace violence.

The administration’s aggressive actions against workers’ safety and health are a dangerous slap in the face to working people. At their core is a desire to prioritize corporate profit over all else.

We won’t stand by. Workers will continue to organize through our unions to secure the protections we deserve.

Workers Memorial Day is April 28th. On this day we will come together to remember workers killed and injured on the job and renew the call for an end to the outrageous, unnecessary deaths of our brothers and sisters.

Tracie Roberts, Boise