Letters to the Editor

Landers letter: Blame game

Why is there such a blame game and the excuses that are made in blaming everyone but ourselves or the excuses we use to cover up the truth because what I see is people in glass houses throwing stones and it seems lies are better than truth. America is destroying itself within with its lies and propaganda and we can’t seem to find common ground between two parties and our country is no longer the superpower it once was because there is a lack of ethics or code of conduct to follow. We have an issue of mental health and yet it is swept under the rug because we would rather it disappear, but it won’t. We have suicides among the young and vets, which we do very little about because people think that everything is fine as long it doesn’t affect me and sooner or later it will affect all of us. Americans can no longer deny what is going on because we are denying racism, discrimination, hatred, and a war within America that will destroy us all and leave us to realize it’s all of us that made our country fall.

John Landers, Wilder