Letters to the Editor

Heinbach letter: Workers Memorial Day

Workplace deaths and injuries that are as common as they are horrific should be the long-gone legacy of a 19th century textile mill. But, they remain a terrifying reality today. Every day, 150 American workers die from on-the-job accidents and illnesses, while thousands more are injured.

Each year on Workers Memorial Day (April 28), working people gather to commemorate our brothers and sisters who have lost their lives and to demand stronger safety protections on the job.

The Trump administration has launched and all-out assault on worker protections. From undermining the enforcement of safety rules, to rolling back and delaying life-saving safety and health protection, to trying to slash funding for safety training, the president has consistently prioritized profits over people.

Now is the time for change. This Workers Memorial Day, Idaho working families are standing up for safe workplaces. It is time for President Trump and Congress to do what’s right by ensuring good, safe jobs for all.

Leland Heinbach, Nampa