Letters to the Editor

Sperry letter: Elect Rickards

Cecil Andrus left us with an unfinished court case. The feds refuse to share their nuclear plans for wasting Idaho. See PeterForIdaho.com for quotes from official documents regarding leaving plutonium dumped in Idaho. The documents reveal containment flaws that can lead to “catastrophic failure” in this flood zone.

Cecil brought Idaho kindergarten to enhance early learning. Peter Rickard’s Yearn to Learn incentives offer free college credits for 9th-12th graders who tutor kids under the age of 8 who are struggling with math and reading. They earn college credits while learning parenting skills.

Peter advocates providing health care for all by being able to use vouchers for private doctors.

Waste can be cut in government by rewarding workers who identify ways to save taxpayer money.

Judges and law enforcement agree, ending the prohibition of marijuana is the best solution for our society. It will ease the correctional caseload and generate tax money for drug abuse rehabilitation.

Peter is an independent running for U.S. House in the Democratic primary. His will fight for Idaho families not for nuclear business or big corporations.

Vote May 15 for Peter Rickards.

Carol Sperry, Twin Falls