Letters to the Editor

Pelazini letter: Ahlquist questions

In 2016 the chief operating officer, Dr. Tommy Ahlquist (according to his current LinkedIn profile) of the Gardner Company, presented a proposal for the Mace River Ranch. It was the first time I had heard of Dr. Ahlquist. His presentation was polished, self-assured and slick. According to the Gardner Company website they have offices in Salt Lake, Henderson, Nev., and Boise. They have built many commercial and residential buildings in those states. Their motto is “Building Community.” In Idaho they have built City Center Plaza in Boise, Library Square in Nampa, Eagle Island Crossing, just to name a few. Born in Utah and moving to Idaho, Dr. Ahlquist formed a development company called Ahlquist Development. This company merged with the Gardner Company and he became their chief operating officer. Idaho has become the fastest-growing state in the country, and the Gardner Company and others are going to be pushing for more development. If Dr. Ahlquist is elected governor, I wonder if the path will be paved more easily for the Gardner Company. It would also be interesting to see the list of financial contributors to his campaign.

Carol Pelazini, Eagle