Letters to the Editor

Chatlin letter: Elect Ahlquist

We have raised our family in Idaho because of Tommy Ahlquist. He recruited my husband from Denver to work with his ER group and he sold us on Idaho. His love for this state is infectious. Sixteen years later, we share that love. I am voting for Tommy because I want our kids to have the opportunity to come back here and raise their families. We will need a plan in order for that to happen.

Tommy’s plan to introduce accountability in education, to connect Idaho kids and Idaho jobs by engaging industry with our schools, and increasing school choice will help improve Idaho’s poor ranking in education. Tommy’s plan to revamp health care, including lowering premiums by cutting waste, helps families and businesses. Tommy’s plan to cut overreaching regulations will make Idaho a business-friendly state, a place to which our kids can, and will want to, return.

As a boy who earned every merit badge as a Boy Scout, as an ER doctor, and a businessman, Tommy is ambitious. He always has a plan, and he gets things done. I can’t wait to see what this great state will become with him at the helm.

Kimberly Chatlin, Eagle