Letters to the Editor

Leinberger-Bolin: Guns

Thank the young people for standing up for no more killing. They are telling us adults we have failed them. And we have. Our record for gun deaths is the worst in the free world. We adults do nothing.

Listen to our young people. They have good ideas, easily applied, that will save lives. We should convince the NRA to go back to their beginnings. They were the world leaders in teaching safety with guns. Now their first priority is tied to the sale of guns by the gun industry.

We who support guns for those who want and use them appropriately should tell the NRA to go back to where they started and be the leaders of teaching and promoting gun safety. The ideas being suggested or perhaps demanded by the students are good, and common sense.

We should listen to them. History says needed changes came to us through young people who led adults to a better country.

Even now, the NRA is amassing vast funds to defeat the young people’s efforts with inaccurate information. We should stand with our young people. They are committed to making a difference. We adults have failed them so far.

Barbara Leinberger-Bolin, Boise