Letters to the Editor

Fisher letter: Distracted driving

What idiotic logic is being used by our legislators in determining that expansion of the law governing electronic devices while driving is unnecessary?

Sen. Dan Foreman’s logic is that, because we see most people on their phones while driving, it means that’s what Idahoans want. Sen. Mark Harris compared inattentive driving due to cellphone use to seeing a pretty girl on the street. And Sen. Steve Vick, who also didn’t support the 2012 ban on texting while driving, described this expanded bill as government overreach.

Is this the rationale we now expect from our elected lawmakers? I hope that the constituents of these senators think twice before re-electing them.

One of these senators thinks that education is the answer. Really? All of the school discussions, media coverage, cautions from parents and law enforcement, as well as the existing law have done little to curb inattentive driving or to lessen the resulting number of accidents and deaths.

Something more must be done and it must be done before anyone else is severely injured or killed as a result of the selfishness and stupidity of those against further regulations.

Helen Fisher, Eagle