Letters to the Editor

Farmer letter: Guns

I am a gun owner. I have been working for years on a viable solution to the current plague of shootings and I believe it comes down to two options. The first would require all firearms in this country to be registered and tax stamped ($200) in the same way that automatic weapons currently are. This process would be carried out by the ATFE (Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives). It seems Draconian but you don’t hear about fully automatic weapons being used in crimes because they are severely controlled. The second option takes us into uncharted territory and is based on the premise that the NRA, which currently sells insurance for stolen firearms, would be required by the government to insure every weapon in the country for liability. The NRA would be held accountable for every gun it insures and would have to decide who gets insurance (and a gun) and who doesn’t. There are 300 million guns in the country. Ten dollars per gun per year. Three billion dollars in remittance should cover all the shootings in this country. It’s a travesty that the families of the victims of gun violence literally have to pay to bury their loved ones.

Paul Farmer, Eagle