Letters to the Editor

Boozel letter: Young people

The Tea Party was formed by frustrated folks who felt they had lost their voice. What we are seeing with our young people is now the same legitimate phenomenon. Baseless propaganda to the contrary is indicative of a fearful and cynical attempt at tyranny.

It is tyranny to live in fear, whether that fear comes from government or paid lobby, it makes no difference. Liberty will be restored when we come together and actually discuss the need to balance the liberty of the Second Amendment with the liberty of not being executed in the public square and schoolhouses.

In addition, if it is true that any of our elected officials stated that the bad part is these kids will be voting soon, shame on you, whoever you are. You have forgotten your place, and that “we the people” doesn’t just refer to your supporters or paid lobby. There is a stated right to “domestic tranquility,” and if every one of these young people do vote, it would restore my faith in our glorious republic, that it might actually yet again be great.

Richard Boozel, Star