Letters to the Editor

Wright letter: Spending resolution

It’s hard to realize just how horrible the actions of Congress and the president are in recently passing and signing the omnibus spending resolution. We are now headed to $1.5-$2 trillion deficits, “as far as the eye can see.” In addition, there is so much fraud and corruption of the Republic in the Omnibus, it’s hard to comprehend.

One of the many overlooked elements of the omnibus, with dire consequences to everyone’s lives, besides the debt and deficits, was the covert insertion of “The Cloud Act.” Because of this failure, your private emails, online chats, Facebook, Google, Flickr photos, Snapchat videos, private lives online, your moments shared digitally between only those you trust, will be open to foreign law enforcement without a warrant and with few restrictions on using and sharing your information. Because of this failure, U.S. laws will be bypassed on U.S. soil.

And that information may be “shared back” to U.S. authorities at will. In short, the Congress and the president officially and legally enabled Big Brother, in a way never even attempted before. Representative Simpson voted for it, President Trump signed it.

Will you all just keep sitting there, doing nothing? I thought so....

Jeff Wright, Lowman