Letters to the Editor

Scott letter: Boise High Summit

On March 21, Boise High School held its Boise High Summit. Previous themes were on food and farming, sustainability, and how to influence change in students’ communities, all worthy topics.

This year’s summit, unfortunately, took a blatantly partisan bent with its social justice theme. Topics included such fare as “Resist Fist,” “Guys, Be a Better Feminist” and “The Spiral of Injustice.” There was a “Privilege Walk.” The keynote speaker was Democratic Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb, and there was a “workshop” with Democratic candidate for governor Paulette Jordan, no doubt appealing to fall voters.

While I think exploring current issues is appropriate, this “summit” appears to have been nothing more than a propaganda event. The mission of Boise High School should be to teach critical-thinking skills so students can make informed decisions, not regurgitate groupthink.

Social justice is a construct that an unfairness has occurred which must be corrected, the implication being some people have more because they have done harm to those who have less. I would argue that Boise High would serve its students best by discussing individual effort, instead of envy of others’ achievements, as the best path to success.

John Scott, Boise