Letters to the Editor

Santiago letter: ACHD

Lower Braemere Road was recently blockaded with significant detours and delays for thousands of commuters. Anyone traveling in the Highlands or on Bogus Basin Road and beyond experiences the impacts daily. The blockage shunts heavy traffic alongside an elementary school filled with youngsters. Apparently, the blockage benefits 27 homeowners.

What warranted closure of a popular road with increased risks for schoolkids and delays for thousands of others? The ACHD commission points to a new development over a mile away with less than 30 home sites — far from completion. Another reason given for the closure is because lower Braemere is narrow and does not have sidewalks. Most roads in this area are narrow and few of the roads have sidewalks.

Rather than transparency, the commission declares the change permanent. Can the commission appreciate the need to fully address their role and impact on a community that suffers lopsided verdicts without a voice?

Perhaps the greater issue is how to take $3.4 billion of infrastructure out of the hands of this five-person elected body with no requirements for training and experience and put it into the hands of skilled professionals, wiser with technical assessments and decision-making that impacts the whole community.

Ellen Santiago, Sunnyvale and Boise