Letters to the Editor

Ollie letter: Textbook adoptions

I’ve been involved in textbook adoptions and have learned the importance of reaching out to engage the stakeholders. Good relations between teachers, parents and community members are built on transparency and inclusion.

This is missing from West Ada School District’s textbook adoption process. I was quite surprised when I found out West Ada had a grade 6-8 math textbook display. Having reviewed textbooks before, I took a look. There was one choice and not the half dozen I’m used to seeing. I wondered if the decision had already been made and if this was just for show.

Things got more interesting when I attended the board meeting on March 21. From the conversation between the board and the two district presenters, it seemed that policy was not followed. Board policy requires a process open to the public. That concerns me and it should concern anyone in West Ada as this is an important decision and should not take place in secret.

I hope the conversation that took place that Wednesday evening leads to an open and transparent process.

If you live in the district, consider getting involved. Attend a committee meeting, public viewing or school board meeting.

Mary Ollie, Meridian