Letters to the Editor

Nordquist letter: Future of Star

The City of Star is in the middle of very important decisions regarding the future of the city. A proposed annexation and zoning of a 1,500-acre development by Willowbrook has brought hundreds to public meetings.

On March 27, a planner and a traffic engineer presented a new boundary adding more than 10,000 acres, potentially adding 50,000-100,000 new residents to the city planning area without input from any of the residents in the area.

The planner explained that his direction came from the mayor to use the Willowbrook annexation area as a guide. No analysis leading to either the new boundary or the proposed traffic circulation was presented. This is not planning. This is following instructions.

Meridian and Eagle have spent years in the revisions to their Comprehensive Plans involving the public impacted by the proposals. Star has spent less than 40 days with a directive.

On April 19th the City of Star will hear and consider the proposed amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. A constant theme in the public comments in both January and March has been “What is the rush?” This “amendment” deserves the time, attention, analysis, and public participation of a comprehensive planning process.

Niles Nordquist, Star