Letters to the Editor

Leavitt letter: Ethics investigation

Where is the investigation into Senator Lee Heider and his violation of the Idaho Open Meeting Law, that took place March 7th? Where is the accountability? I get the impression that the Attorney General’s Office and the Senate Leadership have no intentions of doing anything. Under the Idaho Open Meeting Law it states it is the job of the AG to investigate ethics violations made by members of the Legislature, and administer appropriate action. Idaho has a very big problem especially when it is politicians, or good ole boy system, looking after the interests of GOP politicians instead of upholding the law. Senator Heider should lose his chairmanship on the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. The Leadership and Attorney General’s Office should be more proactive in doing what’s ethical, and right by the citizens of Idaho. If the AG isn’t going to uphold the law, then they have lost all credibility, and integrity with the people of this great state.

David Leavitt, Twin Falls