Letters to the Editor

Rodriguez letter: Risch and Andrus

Once again, one of our so-called esteemed elected officials in Washington has shown his immaturity, selfishness, and partisan behavior by what appears to be a temper tantrum over the naming of a wilderness in Idaho after one of our state’s most esteemed governors, Cecil Andrus. I suppose he thought it should have been his name on the wilderness. Have you ever wondered who we have become as a nation from the fiasco that seems to be in power in our nation’s capital? We have elected people with no moral compass, no sense of right and wrong, and no compassion for our fellow man. Holding a grudge for so many years proves to make us an angry bitter lot. Get over it, Sen. Risch, and know that Governor Andrus can no longer hurt your feelings. Crybaby.

Carol Liese Rodriguez, Boise