Letters to the Editor

Herring letter: Elect Raul Labrador

In this crowded Republican primary, several candidates persuasively tout their pro-life credentials. However, their actions do not support their statements.

No issue is greater than protecting the lives of pre-born children. That is why a candidate’s record is more important than his rhetoric.

Only one candidate for governor has a verifiable, consistent record of fighting for life: Raúl Labrador.

While in the Idaho Legislature, Labrador supported legislation requiring abortion providers to inform a mother of her right to see the ultrasound image of her child prior to aborting.

In Congress, Raúl supported legislation which required health professionals to provide care for children who survived an abortion, and legislation that outlawed abortions after 20 weeks, the proven timeframe when a pre-born child feels excruciating pain during abortion.

In glaring contrast to Labrador are Brad Little and Tommy Ahlquist. If Little really supports pro-life policies, why did he cast his tie-breaking vote to increase funding for Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider? Ahlquist says he’s pro-life but has donated thousands of dollars to pro-abortion Democratic candidates.

I’m supporting Raúl Labrador for governor. He is the only one we can count on to protect little lives with the power of the governor’s office.

Dixie Herring, Nampa