Letters to the Editor

Hetherington letter: Elect Brad Little

I recently saw a negative television ad that criticized Brad Little for his 18 years of public service to the state of Idaho. Brad served in the Senate for nine years and now as lieutenant governor for the past nine years.

I applaud Brad for dedicating 18 years of public service to the betterment of Idaho, while at the same time attending to the demands of his own ranching and farming business.

In that 18 years, Brad has become intimately familiar with the issues, challenges and successes of every county in Idaho as he has traveled extensively from one end of this state to the other.

The skill sets he has gained through his legislative and governmental leadership roles will enable him to navigate the political system, both statewide and nationally.

We need Brad Little and his 18 years of experience to be our next governor.

Debbie Hetherington, Boise