Letters to the Editor

Larsen letter: Risch and Andrus

The disgraceful effort by Sen. Jim Risch to block the renaming of the White Cloud Wilderness after the late Gov. Cecil Andrus is a sign of personal moral decay that rises above political party affiliation.

This is not about politics; an R or D after our name is not the standard of human decency against which we should judge Risch’s shameful behavior. This is a question of an individual’s moral values, decency and attitude towards us all. It’s about how he behaves.

Affairs in Washington have us divided and at seeming unresolvable political odds. The vitriol and character assassination spewing from our political parties have us wondering: are there no boundaries left on personal behavior? Does character and moral correctness really count in the people we choose to represent us in Washington?

I am increasingly ashamed of how our congressional leaders behave. Is this how Idahoans are viewed by the rest of our country?

Risch’s disingenuous behavior and his arrogant disregard for human kindness and decency are not new. But this latest act — the utter disrespect for the life and legacy of public service by the late Gov. Cecil Andrus — represents a new low even for him.

Dick Larsen, Meridian