Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: Today’s stooges

Today’s stooges – many old-timers who watched the “Three Stooges” create humor out of total chaos must be enjoying the daily exploits of President Donald Trump and his Republican sidekicks in Congress. Most of these GOP leaders were standing on their tallest “family values” podiums urging American voters to crucify President Bill Clinton, who was a minor league womanizer by today’s standards.

Flash-forward to modern-day American politics and many of these same Republicans seem proud their party now has a major league womanizer. They have all erased the word “impeachment” from their dictionaries and it’s surprising the House of Representatives hasn’t nominated Trump for “Stud of the Year.”

There is no humor in America’s unenviable title as the world leader in gun violence. It is a bit ironic that a government largely dominated by “old white men” is on the verge of dramatic change. Thanks to suddenly aroused teenagers, politicians who lived by NRA money are now preparing to die with their NRA money. Millions of American women are joining a movement that will eventually return the president to Trump Tower with his mistress of the month.

Sandy Jones, Boise