Letters to the Editor

Holden letter: Represent all

When I was 3 years old, I had an imaginary friend. I called him Sam, and we talked to each other under the covers at night.

I’m grown now, and I don’t have an imaginary friend.

Idaho politicians need to leave their imaginary friend – the one they call god – out of politics. You don’t represent your imaginary friend; you represent every citizen of Idaho.

When you insult your constituents by calling them pro-abortion if they don’t tithe to your neighborhood temple, or any other money pit, you show your true colors of arrogance and ignorance. Pro-choice means the right to choose, and I choose not to listen to bigoted, narrow-minded simpletons.

Your preacher is not the voice of the citizens of Idaho. Your bible is not the Constitution. You swore to uphold the rights of every Idahoan, yet you ignore the overwhelming desire of every citizen their right to health care. You ignore a woman’s right over her own body. You ignore the beliefs of citizens who don’t follow your simplistic, naive ideas of sexuality and human rights.

Leave your imaginary friend on the church steps, and be a legislator on the Capitol steps.

Mark Holden, Boise