Letters to the Editor

Hattervig letter: March for Our Lives

The Saturday, March 24, March for Our Lives was the most optimistic event I have witnessed in many years and hopefully will lead to change. I wrote my Danish relatives about the event; I got this response from Soren. It is telling when a country which is so friendly to us views this issue with such amazement. Here are Soren’s comments:

“The march is filling the news here. From a Danish perspective it is unbelievable that it can be so difficult to limit access to guns. It is remarkable that U.S. has 10 times higher death rate related to guns compared to most European countries – and the rate of suicides is also much higher, probably due to easy access to guns.

“I guess that everyone wants to lower these rates and a solution must be implemented. I think that it makes most sense to try a solution that works in other countries – rather than the crazy idea of arming the teachers. This is ridiculous. I know that it relates to the Second Amendment, but the Constitution should also have protected the 10,000 lives that are lost yearly. How can any country allow this rate of gun violence?

“Med venlig hilsen, Søren.”

Eldon Hattervig, Garden City