Letters to the Editor

Hall letter: Great employees

Since there are so many negative postings and letters to the editor, I thought I would post something positive. I have nothing but positive things to say about the young people that work the weekends at the McDonald’s on Vista and Kootenai in Boise. The first time I noticed a young person in the drive-thru, my first thought was, this “kid” doesn’t look old enough to be working, they must really be desperate. So I was happily surprised by how professional and competent the young man was. I thought customer service was a thing of the past, but this young man could teach a lot of adults what customer service is all about. Since then I have encountered many young people at this McDonald’s and I now know why they hired them. Someone has brought these young people up right and McDonald’s has been very smart in hiring them. Please, if you see someone doing a good job, make their day and let them know you appreciate them. No one hesitates to point out the wrong or bad, but rarely do we take the time to say thank you for the good.

Linda Hall, Boise