Letters to the Editor

Rotharmel letter: Boy Scouts

I can’t believe the national leaders of the Boy Scouts have done it again. Revoking the merit badges of Logan Blythe, a 15-year-old boy with Down syndrome and autism, on the grounds he didn’t follow the letter of instruction required. This young man struggles every day to do the most mundane things we take for granted. Sure he needs help with some of these badges because of his handicap. Those rules are not written in stone; there has to be some flexibility involving special cases. Denying this young man an opportunity to attain his personal goal is a tragedy. I’m 79 years old and look back on my Scouting experience’s importance in setting my moral compass for life. Please don’t deny this courageous young man what he has diligently pursued to the best of his ability. Have the decency to reverse your errant decision.

Rocky Rotharmel, Boise