Letters to the Editor

Parker letter: Better Idaho

A recent letter from Jordan Brady of the advocacy group Better Idaho criticizes the Bonneville Republican Party for its speaker at an event April 14.

Better Idaho is part of the out-of-state networks ProgressNow and Democracy Alliance, which are not just liberal but far-left. Their donors support a gun ban, massive tax increases and forcing religious organizations to violate their religious beliefs, among other things.

Given these extreme positions, Better Idaho is hardly in a place to lecture anyone about Idaho values.

The speaker Mr. Jordan criticizes, Dinesh D’Souza, apologized long ago for the tweet he cites. And Better Idaho’s funders have said plenty of controversial things. Last year Tim Gill – a major donor – said, “We’re going to punish the wicked,” regarding states where people support traditional marriage.

Mr. Brady mentions the Bonneville GOP’s auctioning of a shotgun as though it’s a bad thing. Apparently he’s not aware of, or is outright hostile to, our state’s long tradition of gun ownership and fidelity to the Second Amendment.

Groups like Better Idaho may have lots of outside money, but no amount can make up for their profound misunderstanding of the people of Idaho.

Jonathan Parker, chairman, Idaho Republican Party, Boise