Letters to the Editor

O’Connor letter: Speaker Bedke

I appreciate Speaker Bedke’s dedication to his party and to his office. I thank him for his service.

That said, I disagree with the way he treated his colleagues in the House on March 21. Interrupting and chastising women for being too emotional may be justifiable among his Relief Society ladies, but it is unacceptable when directed toward highly regarded professionals in the Idaho House who expressed passion for an issue that has been terribly mishandled by Bedke’s party and his leadership. He obstructed the democratic process in an attempt to protect his caucus in the upcoming elections, because he could. It is morally repugnant.

It is just wrong to leave 78,000 Idahoans in the gap. People we love cannot afford to wait for Bedke to resolve this stalemate. They need affordable health insurance without exclusions. Our premiums continue to rise with each year the Legislature fails to act. We fear being priced out of options before we can qualify for Medicare.

This is the governor’s bill. It has bipartisan support. Bedke failed us on a political chess board.

He should be ashamed. I hope he rethinks his approach.

Kacee O’Connor, Boise