Letters to the Editor

Linhart letter: Growth vs. water

Growth versus water — when a large new development is proposed, does the City Council know how much water will be needed and where it will come from? Without this information the project should never be approved. Las Vegas had unlimited growth and now faces a water crisis. The housing industry “ruled” in Las Vegas and they got everything they wanted, including all of their profits, leaving the water shortage crisis as “not their problem.” Scot Ludwig (Boise city councilman) had a recent article about fanatics versus activists shaping Boise growth. Would Scot please write a follow-up article explaining to us how the City Council takes into account water management versus growth? If he can’t address this issue, a person can only assume that there is no plan. Be careful and be smart, Boise. There will never be enough water to support unlimited growth.

James Linhart, Boise