Letters to the Editor

White letter: Father Faucher

The Father Faucher I have known is an intelligent and understanding priest. He was there for one of our parishioners. She was in her 90s and blind when she lost her only son in an unexpected death. Father Faucher spoke at the funeral. He had a chair placed in front of her and sat down holding her hand while he spoke of her son.

He was there for our family when my mom was on oxygen and housebound. Our son with schizophrenia also lived with us and rarely left his bedroom. Father Faucher talked to him through the door and asked him to come out for prayer. Our son ignored him but Father Faucher said, “It’s all right, prayer goes through the door.”

Later our son took his own life. He couldn’t fight the voices anymore, that only he could hear, telling him to harm his family. He loved us but wouldn’t take his medicine and lost the fight with the demon voices. Father Faucher spoke at his funeral and his words comforted us, especially his dad, as he was the one who found him.

If these accusations are true, I can only assume Father Faucher has lost his intelligent and understanding mind. I hope all of us that know him will keep him in our prayers and remember that Jesus came to save us sinners.

Beverly White, Boise