Letters to the Editor

Weston letter: Central Addition development

It was good to see the Statesman article informing the community of the Boise Planning and Zoning Commission rejection of the proposed high rise building in the historic Central Addition, a Lasting Innovative and Vibrant Community (LIV). Thankfully, the Commissioners were on point upholding the current land use master plan.

This proposed building development with its monstrous parking structure is simply out of scale and not in character with this Neighborhood Core site. It appears as though an alien spaceship had landed, looming over the pedestrian streets below. Should the public air rights become private property?

We all have cars, but this is an opportunity to challenge the parking needs with a robust expanded bus system. Let’s redirect the parking funding into express buses, more frequency with shorter routing. People will learn to walk or ride to a bus stop if it’s convenient and reliable.

Great examples have started on Broad Street with the reuse of the existing buildings for George’s Bike Shop and Boise Brewing. New mixed development of multi-family housing and eateries, The Fowler, The Wylder and Form and Function.

Shaun Weston, Boise