Letters to the Editor

Minard letter: Anti-gun agenda

It is saddening to watch children being used as pawns by the anti-gun bunch to push their agenda of gun confiscation. It just shows that there is no trick too low for the anti-gun bunch to use. They have admitted they want to ban all guns. The AR-15 will just be a start. The protesters should be going after the groups that failed them (FBI, local police, security guards, etc.). We have become a permissive society of fools. Our so-called legal system is such a steaming pile that we can’t even kill baby raping monsters. Anyone who steps over the line and rapes little children, shoots into groups of people, etc., is a monster (not a human with a problem) and should be killed immediately by the cheapest method available (hammer, knife, rope, etc.).

Walter Minard, Nampa