Letters to the Editor

Schofield letter: Neighborhood development

The proposed development for Old Hill Road (Northwest Neighborhood) has brought out the community. I wonder where many of these residents were in 2014 when the development at State Street/Gary Lane was happening? Many wrote letters and attended meetings, but the majority of the “heavy lifting” was done by a handful of volunteers for nearly a year. If more individuals had stepped up to carry the torch forward, there would now be a Neighborhood Plan in place and possibly a Conservation District overlay.

But these documents don’t currently exist. Is this because the majority of the residents thought they were too busy to get involved and assumed others would do the volunteer work to make this happen?

To every resident in this city, if you sit on the sidelines and do nothing, development will quickly escalate, and your neighborhood as you know it changes before your eyes. Realize that it’s not up to everyone else to protect your neighborhood. Get informed, be involved, commit your time to taking action; otherwise you give up your right to complain. You may not get the end result you want, but you will gain the personal satisfaction of knowing you have done your part.

Erika Schofield, Boise