Letters to the Editor

Satterwhite letter: East Boise development

The article “Neighbors fought … Boise Apartments” on March 15th only presents a NIMBY perspective of residential opposition. A multitude of citizens and neighborhood groups opposed the original proposal for multi-story apartments at 3555 Warm Springs Ave. because the project was not consistent with the SP01 and SP02 development plans adopted by the city for Barber Valley. Upon build-out, these plans will include over 1,384 mixed-use medium and high density residential housing units located convenient to transportation corridors.

When new plans for single family housing were presented, neighbors requested developers consider duplexes, triplexes and two-story “Missing Middle” housing on the interior of the development to provide more affordable housing. Our suggestions were dismissed by developers as “That would not pencil out,” i.e. “We would not make our desired profit.” I testified in writing to P&Z and in person before the City Council as to this request. Only City Council President Lauren McLean acknowledged the need for more affordable housing. The City Council members then, without any discussion, voted unanimous approval. California developers are seeking to make millions overnight at the expense of Boise’s quality of life. The Statesman must accurately present both sides and the City Council needs to listen to their constituents.

Janet L. Satterwhite, Boise