Letters to the Editor

Rich letter: Donald Trump and Russia

The latest outrage by the fraud in the White House is his congratulation of the Putin dictatorship for its “win” in Russia’s recent election. While Trump continues to cry “witch hunt” about his collusion with Russia, it becomes more clear every day that collusion did occur, and that he is also hiding criminal “business” activities with Russian oligarchs. There is no other explanation for his beaming attitude, which went against that of all of his own foreign policy advisors.

Once again, Idaho’s own Congressional delegation — Crapo, Risch, Labrador, and Simpson — is complicit because they do nothing to challenge Trump. This situation is outrageous. Idaho’s “leaders” are willing to put up with anything, just to keep political power.

As Dan Coats, the Director of National Intelligence, said, “There should be no doubt that Russia perceives its past efforts as successful and views the 2018 U.S. midterm elections as a potential target for Russian influence operations.” With our president and Idaho’s reps in Congress, Putin has got to be smiling all day, every day.

Before long, Trump and his treasonous, criminal enterprise are going down. I’m eager to see what backflips our delegation will do when that happens.

Terry Rich, Boise