Letters to the Editor

Lough letter: Cost of housing

Thanks for writing the article about the cost of housing here in the Treasure Valley. I’m very angry about how the greedy real estate companies have priced our kids and our general population out of their own community. This is happening because people are piling in from big cities with tons of cash from the sale of their overpriced homes and huge incomes. So, our real estate companies saw an opportunity to increase their income, which in turn, has made it impossible for the people in our community, with their measly wages, to afford to buy a place in a place where they were born and raised. That’s not right. I hope you guys write more articles about this so that either the employers around here will have to increase the wages or real estate companies need to stop being greedy, and price housing according to income. Even the rentals are more expensive than the average family can afford around here. Lots of families I know are sharing homes, because they can’t afford to be on their own.

Vera Lough, Boise