Letters to the Editor

Roberts letter: Oil and gas meeting

On Feb. 27th, the city of Fruitland approved a strong oil and gas ordinance that provides necessary protections for its citizens living near oil and gas drilling and post-extraction activities. This ordinance requires 1,200-foot setbacks between drilling operations and neighboring structures, rather than the 300-foot setbacks required by the state of Idaho. Other protective measures are included in the ordinance, including a requirement for the oil and gas operator to test nearby water wells for contaminants in the case of leaks. The state of Idaho needs to follow Fruitland’s example and pass laws that protect the health and property of all Idahoans who live near oil and gas activities. The Idaho Oil and Gas Conservation Commission will meet at the Payette High School auditorium on April 11 and a town hall meeting at 6 p.m. will follow. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask the Commission what steps are being taken to make sure that our surface soils and aquifers aren’t contaminated by oil and gas operators.

Elizabeth Roberts, Eagle