Letters to the Editor

Vieselmeyer letter: Turtle and dog

Could it be tit-for-tat regarding a turtle and a dog?

I’ve been hearing about animal abuse and cruelty to which I believe has been overblown by the media. I do not believe the turtle was abused since it was not forced to eat a dog.

The science teacher taught a good lesson about the “food chain,” though a little squeamish for city kids, or some Californians.

In Idaho people shoot Bambi and fishermen put the wiggliest live worms on hooks. Labs feed live rats to snakes. On our farm, we always kept cats around to control the mice population. Some cats enjoyed playing with their live hot meal. Some people eat live ants, grasshoppers and other crunchy things. I’ve even known people who eat live oysters.

It seems ironic that a million “snapping, biting” dogs that hurt people and animals would finally be taken out by a “snapping” turtle. For those of us who have been bitten by snapping dogs we might wish there were more hungry turtles around when we need them.

Curtis Vieselmeyer, Boise