Letters to the Editor

Howard letter: Lobbies

I’ve hunted and fished over 50 years. Though the NRA was once a hunting/conservation organization, it’s since abandoned those core values ... mutating into a powerful, heavily financed partisan promoter. They contribute huge donations to compliant lawmakers while fostering groundless paranoia in voters by crying wolf (subverting the Second Amendment). They promote a heavily armed citizenry bent on single-party political domination, enabling senseless gun-violence. Noncompliant lawmakers are threatened and defamed.

Fourteen years ago my daughter became pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s child. She was 19. Fourteen years later, that beloved addition to our family brings us much pride and joy. Our daughter’s decision to keep and raise the baby was an easy, natural choice for her. When our children were growing up, we nurtured both “sanctity of life” and “sanctity of free will” (what kind of government would presume to force their will upon someone’s pregnant daughter?).

The pro-life lobby mimics the NRA, with graphic (often staged) emotional hype ... misrepresenting facts and exploiting Christianity for political gain (a scheme that’s trashing both Christianity and democracy). The deception and hysteria contrived expressly by these two lobbies to manipulate weak voters has given America its poorest leadership in history.

Weak voters elect weak leaders. Rediscover strength, America.

Michael Howard, Boise