Letters to the Editor

Hayes letter: Military Reserve

I strongly object to the process which led to the City Council’s approving construction of a bike park at the site of Military Reserve dog park.

I understand that money talks, but how does the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation unilaterally decide how city property is developed? If the seven-acre dog park is “just a muddy flood basin filled with thorns ... a terrible dog park,” as described by Parks and Recreation Director Doug Holloway, why wasn’t the public asked to suggest ways to improve the park?

I suggest a landscape design which features planting cottonwood trees, native shrubs, weed control, sandy high-use areas, gravel paths and water features (overflow from adjacent pump houses). A stand of cottonwood trees in the northeast corner attracts a variety of songbirds, quail, owls and hawks. The few remaining stands of sagebrush and grass attract unique desert birds. Such a “sylvan” design would improve the dog park and benefit families and people of all ages, not just a small segment of the recreation community.

But the most egregious decision is that of the City Council, which approved the bike park with no public involvement.

Dave Hayes, Boise