Letters to the Editor

Callahan letter: Women’s health

Thank you Dr. Martha Lund, (“Gov. Otter, stop these bills with no basis in science”) for your professional health and science-based response to the recent legislation that would be disastrous to women and children’s health.

Amplifying it would be how men cannot or are unwilling to understand that women have just as much right to choose personal health and welfare as men do. There is no need to worry that we will stop having and caring for children, but we deserve the right to choose when to do it for the health of mother and child. Denying us (birth) control is patriarchal and shameful. And the double standard of men having sex whenever they want, but women cannot, is sexist at best and ignorant. How many men have any idea how complicated women’s reproductive cycles are anyway?

And to those women who have had abortions, it’s time to embrace that important decision and share it with your community. I can tell you that it’s a tremendously empowering feeling. And, remember, you made your decision based on honoring yourself, your partner and the children you may raise in the future. If only our politicians were as thoughtful and considerate.

Margot Callahan, Boise