Letters to the Editor

Befort letter: Don’t arm teachers

One hundred and forty-one people died in school shootings, but we aren’t close to solving the problem. Some ideas are to make it harder to get a gun, to tell students that we need to learn to be nice to each other, and to arm teachers. Arming teachers is bad because students will feel less safe with a gun in a room. The teacher’s job is to teach, not protect.

Arming teachers is a bad idea because students might even try and get the weapon. Guns in school buildings and classrooms might invite criminals. Additionally, it could take from months to years to have enough training to get the required skills. Don’t you think if teachers wanted to to be in law enforcement they would have done that instead?

At my school, Frank Church High School, we practice responding to the presence of an intruder. Teachers and students can fight, flee from the building or go to a secure place. Students have drills and know what the procedures are just in case there’s a school shooting. These practices make me feel comfortable in my school and with my teachers. We don’t need more chances for deadly accidents and shootings. No guns for teachers.

Bryson Befort, Boise