Letters to the Editor

Adair letter: Violence in entertainment

How to control mass shootings should be left to the states, each to deal with any problem they see in their own way. One or more states will surely come up with something that will work. In the meantime our federal government should be considering ways to control the reason for all of these shootings. The reason they happen is relatively simple: Violence in America is popular entertainment and it pays exceptionally well. TV and movies are saturated with it. Video games encourage it. We read about it every day in our newspapers and magazines. We can’t get away from it. And the truth of the old “Monkey see, monkey do” saying is being proven time after time. Violence in our entertainment has become so pervasive it is like a new religion. It encourages gun buying and creates an attitude in the public of “Don’t tread on me, or else.” Let’s find some way to taper off on this nonsense even if the federal government has to get involved in a heavy-handed manner.

Don Adair, Boise