Letters to the Editor

Townsend letter: NCAA tournament

Congratulations, Boise, on bringing the first and second rounds of the men’s NCAA Tournament to Taco Bell Arena. What a great venue for the games – not a bad seat in the house. Six games of incredible competition. Big-time programs that we rarely get to see in Boise. Underdogs that absolutely played their hearts out till they had nothing left to give.

Too bad for the poor sportsmanship displayed Saturday by the crowd of predominantly Boise residents. I’m sure the cause of most of the boos was UK coach John Calipari’s ill-informed and disparaging remarks about Boise. So go ahead and boo him – he needs to own his words. But the young UK players did not deserve the same hostile reception the people of Boise gave the coach. Shame on you, Boise fans.

And then, the Statesman, who couldn’t even get the score correct in the Sunday article, dog-piled on the Cats, labeling them “one of the country’s … most hated programs.” Where did your reporter get that “fact?” Keep your personal views in the opinion columns and put more effort into factual sports reporting.

Doug Townsend, University of Kentucky, 1972; Boise resident since 1987