Letters to the Editor

Schroeder letter: Mike Crapo

I have a son with a genetic disease called cystic fibrosis and I have been advocating for his health care needs since his birth. I just returned from my annual trip to Washington, D.C., where I met with my Idaho lawmakers. The experience that I had at Senator Crapo’s office is emblematic of why Americans are so disenfranchised with politics. After six years of meeting with Senator Crapo’s health care aide, I believed we had developed a strong relationship. She always greeted my wife and I with a smile and hug and asked about our son. This time it couldn’t have been more different. When we entered the office, her eyes were focused on the floor, there was no smile, and she wouldn’t even shake my hand. She did not ask about my son. She knew that I was upset and disappointed with the way the senator had voted on last year’s health care reform legislation, which would have had a catastrophic impact on individuals with chronic diseases. It is clear to me that the senator has forgotten who he works for.

Brock Schroeder, Coeur d’Alene