Letters to the Editor

Longley letter: Blaine County school levy

If there is anything we’ve learned from the recent school levy election it is that truth matters.

The misleading graphs and charts produced by the far-right Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) and Robo calls couldn’t convince the well informed Blaine County voters to say “no.” Even the constant barrage of caustic letters to the paper from members of the I-Care group attacking BCSD administration pay, failed to convince the public that withholding funds isn’t the answer.

This “yes” vote made it clear that Blaine County citizens didn’t want to destroy the system in order to fix it.

This battle may have been won, but the fight now moves to Boise where the entrenched, Republican-lead Legislature continues to ignore that this state is 49th in the country when it comes to spending on our students. Let’s replace these unresponsive representatives this November.

I-Care will continue to falsely claim that they are thinking of the kids first. Baloney.

Did you see any letters in the paper from current teachers or students opposing the Levy? None.

And, yes the Koch Brothers will continue to try and drive their dogma down our throats. IFF and I-Care minions will claim that Blaine County voters just didn’t get it.

Au contraire. The informed voters of Blaine County found the truth and voted appropriately.

Marc Longley, Ketchum