Letters to the Editor

Gavett letter: Catholic church

I was born and raised a Catholic in the 1950s. I became an altar boy in the 6th grade and was an altar boy through the 12th grade. There were many times I was called out of class to serve mass for a parish priest. It always seemed to be the same priest. There was literally no one in the church at these times. I am not and was not aware of any things this priest ever did that were not reported. The only thing I was aware of was that he liked to wrestle with some of the upper-classmen on mats in the gym until one of the boys broke the priest’s arm. From that time on I often wondered why the boy broke the priest’s arm. You can draw your own conclusions just as I and many others did. It is a sick world when a man of God takes advantage of innocent children and are never punished for these horrible acts.

I am totally disgusted and ashamed of the recent discoveries about the local Boise priest and why he wasn’t discovered years ago or was it just another cover up by the Catholic church?

James Gavett, Kuna