Letters to the Editor

Klein letter: No to more nuclear waste

No no no. The DOE wants to bring more radioactive waste for cleanup in to Idaho and have Idaho waive the six month in/six month out terms contained in the 1995 Settlement Agreement? This cleanup waste needs to come here because of an accident at the DOE WIPP site, which had to close down for two years while DOE sorted out that mess. Don’t forget the waste they want to bring in for research purposes.

Look, the DOE is incapable of meeting schedules and budgets on projects they control. The DOE also has serious safety issues on their projects, evidenced by WIPP and the contamination spread at projects on the Hanford site (google Plutonium Finish Plant demolition ). DOE is also prone to want to change/ignore legal terms agreed to.

DOE ships waste around the country and they think they are solving the problem. Idaho does not need to be involved in that shell game. We must enforce all aspects of the 1995 Settlement Agreement. Any talk of additional waste coming in to this great state is an insult to the memory and legacy of Cecil Andrus and an insult to the citizens of this state. Just say no.

Kevin Klein, Boise