Letters to the Editor

Beauchamp letter: GOP message

After the recent Lamb/Saccone special election in Pennsylvania, a GOP television pundit explained that Saccone lost because “GOP leadership doesn’t have a clear message.” Really? Their messages seem abundantly clear to me. I hear them daily: health care is not a basic human right; our Second Amendment right outweighs the safety of school children; immigration of black and brown people threatens us; freedom of religion means Christians can discriminate against other religions; profits gained from deregulating corporations is more important than protecting our food, air, water, safety, investments and environment; the poor, needy and disabled are loafers who need to work harder; tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy are more important than tax cuts for the rest of us; deficits and national debt increases are only bad if our opposition caused them; anything “LGBT” is a sin to be condemned; even the most despicable GOP leader is forgiven for his/her sins as long as he/she is anti-abortion and pro-gun; there was no Russian interference, collusion or obstruction of justice. There’s nothing murky in those messages. Perhaps the GOP’s problem isn’t clarity of message but the message itself.

Tex Beauchamp, Meridian