Letters to the Editor

Logsdon letter: Donald Trump

It is always interesting to see a column by David Brooks of the NYT in our local paper. Brooks, the apologist for failed left leaning agendas and failed president Barack Obama, suggests that President Trump has deviated from the norm and that things are spinning wildly out of control. This is the norm. And deviating from the norm was the trademark of the past eight years. Obama went on an apology tour through Europe and Asia, downplaying the positives of many generations. Hiding all of his educational background and papers. He must have had a lot to hide. The pupil of Saul Alinsky, and his socialist ideals which have failed all across the globe.

No, Mr. Brooks, it is not Donald Trump who deviated from the norm and caused our country and economy to spin out of control, but rather your discredited icon of socialism, Barack Obama. But it is Donald Trump who is setting America back on the path to success and prosperity for now and the future. We are, in fact, a capitalistic and Judeo-Christian country, proud of our past and leading this world into a much better future.

William R. Logsdon, Sr., Boise